I am a UKCP Registered Psychotherapist offering an integrative appraoch to counselling and psychotherapy. I have a private and peaceful consulting room based in the village of Harwell. I am well located to support those in the area of Harwell Innovation Centre, Milton Park, Didcot and the surrounding villages of south Oxfordshire. 

Many of us experience times in our lives when we find things difficult to cope with, however sometimes the difficulties can become overwhelming and this can make us feel very alone with our experiences. 

Seeking a qualified and experienced psychotherapist or counsellor offers a dedicated space for you to explore whatever is troubling you. You may be struggling in a relationship with partner or family, or there are patterns of relating that are causing you anxiety and suffering. Childhood difficulties can resonate in your life now that can feel confusing. At times we may feel the vitality and joy has left us whether at work or in our personal relationships. 

Giving time and space to explore what is worrying you can begin to lessen the load and bring positive change in the way we relate to ourselves and others. I will support you and help you work through your difficulties. I can help you develop new strategies and new ways to connect with your thoughts, feelings, experiences and memories. 

I believe everyone has the hope of living a healthy life full of authenticity, harmony and connection.  Clients can expect to find a calm, open-minded professional in me. My approach to therapy places the relationship and trust at the heart of practice so you feel safe to explore your experiences.

I understand it can feel daunting taking the first steps to ask for help. I hope, after visiting my website, it answers some questions you may have about me, psychotherapy and counselling and that support is available and you do not have to struggle on alone with your difficulties.